Your Truck & Freight Source Since 1981


Your Truck & Freight Source Since 1981

Our Mission

To continue growing by consistently providing excellent service and establishing quality relationships through commonly driven alliances, to provide choices for shippers and trucking companies in the transportation industry, and to always express our appreciation to our clients for their allegiances and partnerships.

Our History

Loadpower was started by Jerry and Patty Evans in 1981 after buying the franchise rights to Northeast Ohio. This region was one of 20 located throughout the USA and is the only remaining Loadpower from that franchise family. After some development and growth, they would soon add their sons Michael, Brad, Rick and Robert. Today we offer dedicated and LTL service while shipping in all of the lower 48 states and Canada. Loadpower provides 48-53’ long vans and flatbed trailers pulled by professional over-the-road truck drivers. After over 37 years in the shipping industry, we have contracted to thousands of carriers that depend on Loadpower throughout the year to help keep their trailers loaded and rolling. This is key to Loadpower as you may assess. You see when you call Loadpower to help with your shipping needs, you call all of those companies. Give Loadpower an opportunity to strengthen you shipping department.


With Our Dedicated Team
LoadPower is one of the most effective shipping companies in the Midwest.

Michael Evans

Sales & Service

Michael joined LoadPower in 1986 three years after graduation from high school and two years after completing the Miami Florida School of Hard Knocks.

Brad Evans

Operations Manager

Brad has a Bachelor's degree from the University of Toledo with a major in Marketing and Logistics as his specialty. 

Pat Eyer

Office Manager

Pat is well into her second career having recently completed her 20th year at LoadPower.

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Robert Evans

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