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Your Truck & Freight Source Since 1981


Ashley Muniz

Whitacre Greer

Alliance, OH

I wanted to send a quick round of praise to Michael Evans at Loadpower. Michael consistently comes up with solutions and a great attitude whenever we have material needing to be picked up or fires to put out. Not only does he know that right solutions but he is great to work with as well. Loadpower has built a solid reputation for placing the customer first. Michael and his team are known for getting it right the first time so Whitacre Greer never has to worry when we know Loadpower has it in their hands. This is because of their expertise and relationships in the logistics world. I can’t speak highly enough of him as Whitacre Greer has dealt with many transportation companies in all these years. He always comes through when needed. The Loadpower team rocks!

Mikel Scott

The Exum Company

Columbia, SC

The Exum Company is a masonry brokerage firm that has been selling masonry products for over 60 years. We represent many different manufacturers with an array of different product lines all over the country. Selling a good product is only half of the battle as then we need to get the product from where it is manufactured to the jobsite. Over the years, Loadpower has handled 100% of our over the road hauling. With that being said, I can assure you that their service is second to none. Brad Evans personally handles all of our shipping needs and does this flawlessly. Brad is what we like to call the “Great Communicator” of the trucking world. Once I hand it off the Brad, I know this it will be taken care of. I have great peace of mind that nothing else needs to be done on our end to make sure that happens. I have zero problem saying that the only people that appreciate Loadpower more than the Exum Company is our customers on the jobsite. This only comes from years of great service, great communication and great trust in making what you tell people happen time and time again.

Gary Strausbaugh

Mennel Milling Company

Fostoria, OH

Mennel Milling has used Loadpower services of at least 20 years. Loadpower is the only brokerage that I can give a load to and not worry about the pickup or deliver due to their pro-active monitoring of my shipments. We are notified in a most timely manner of any delays in pick up or delivery so we can in turn inform our clients. Billing is always accurate and timely: a great company to do business with.

Dave Wilson

Arrow Tru-line Traffic Manager

Archbold, OH

I have been using Loadpower for the past 20+ years. Their continued professionalism, customer service and communication have kept them at the top of my list of carriers. When I give them a load to ship, I can rest assured it will be taken care of from the start to the finish. They have been very helpful in all ways in making my shipping department run smoothly and satisfying my customers.


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